In 2019, I fell into a dark place where my mental health was jeopardized and my happiness was compromised. I found myself feeling insecure, unworthy, and mentally weak especially in the social media world we live in. I just couldn't stop comparing myself. I hated my environment because every year was the same. Holidays and summers felt ordinary. I never even went on vacations or even left Philadelphia for that matter. I was alive but I wasn't truly living. My dad works a minimum wage job 7 days a week, 84 hours total including every holiday. My mother takes numerous medications because she suffers from mental health issues. I guess that's the result of not being able to see your own mother and brothers for 24 years because a plane ticket is just too expensive. I knew there was more to life than this, and I was motivated to find what it was.

Starting a clothing brand was always a dream since high school. After adopting a growth mindset which was such a revolutionary change in my life, I took action and Fearless Mind started in May 2020 during the COVID-19 global pandemic. After 10 months in business, I decided to change the name to MYNDSET in March 2021. I wanted to create a brand that was cool, motivational, and actually made people want to learn and take positive action in their lives. I was a brand new person after learning about applying the right mindset in life, and how it can solidify a person's mental health. I told myself "If my life was impacted by shifting my mindset, imagine the change I could make by pushing this message forward." It is my destiny to spread this message on a global scale to other people. MYNDSET is more than just clothes that insert through a person's head and arms. We want to show the world what life is truly about: happiness.

I've always had a strong interest in fashion/design, a mind for business, and the heart to motivate those around me. I'm ecstatic, humbled, and grateful to be able to combine them to help people face their fears while overcoming their problems, demons, and obstacles. I want everyone to truly believe that with the power of their mind, they can achieve their fitness, personal, and professional goals in life. It was a profound idea to me, and if it wasn't for me learning about how a person's mindset can determine their success, choices, and reactions in life, MYNDSET would have never been born.

The core of MYNDSET is to motivate people around the world to value themselves and their quality of life without living in fear. We want to inspire you to achieve happiness, improve your mental health, adopt a growth mindset, lead change, and take action all without fear. We want to motivate our Geniuses to be great and do things that feed their soul without being afraid of the outcome. We want to help end the stigma behind mental illness with MYNDSET. The feeling of unworthiness, unhappiness, and living in fear will end through our brand. Life should be spent with your loved ones, and being happy and healthy physically and mentally.

Live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow. What are you waiting for? There is nothing more important than finding your happiness. Think about it: You can die tomorrow, and if you can die tomorrow, what are you going to do today? You are strong and fearless. You are intelligent and worthy. We're here to help you believe that.

Stay Fearless. Use Your Genius 🧠

- Eric / Founder